Monday, May 15, 2006

Banner Day

Not that any of you should even care how many visitors this site gets, but today has been a peak traffic day. I just want to thank everyone who drops by to find out if their favorite show is cancelled and for the handful of regular visitors I do have out there.

By the way, when searching for information on the web, it is best not to try to ask Google a question. It won't answer you. So, a better search is 'crossing jordan cancelled' (which it is not) rather than 'is crossing jordan cancelled or not'. Google doesn't care about those extra words and it could even distort your search results. Just a helpful tip.

ABC Upfront predictions are yet to come today. Enjoy this amount of blogging - once summer hits, I'll be hard pressed to have anything to blog about.


MaryAn Batchellor said...

My blog has never broken 100 in a day. Don't know why I care if I really write it for me -- but I DO CARE! Come see me, people!! I'm taking this personally!

Shawna said...

If you blog about Lindsey Lohan and put 'naked' in your post, I'm sure you'd see a traffic increase.

Now that I've put those words in MY blog, my traffic might get another bump to, come to think of it...

Bonnie said...

Hi... I came to you by way of a Google search for "Lindsey Lohan" and "naked."


But... You rock, just the same. And I've clicked on MaryAn Batchellor just for sport. I'm a giver like that.

Great posts, Shawna. You rock!