Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Who I Want to Win



Dave said...

No particular feeling either way for the finalists, but I do wonder who the audience is for Taylor. Outside of American Idol that is.

What kind of music would he be making and who would be buying the cd's?

At least with the previous winners, it seemed like they hit a specific buying demographic (i.e. 15-30). With Taylor I have no idea.

He's always seemed like an oddball for this competition. Nothing against his talent - just in this competition. I don't see him as an "Idol".

RB Ripley said...

I'll buy him. Blues, rockabilly, rock, whatever he sings. Cool cat, that Taylor Hicks.

Chesher Cat said...

goddammit, Shawna...how many times do I have to tell you, HE'S MINE!

Shawna said...

Attn: Taylor Hicks
Re: Your recent win

Dear Mr. Hicks:

Congratulations on being named the new American Idol (tm), brought to you by Ford, Cingular Wireless, Coca-Cola and other fine sponsors!

When you get tired of beautiful but vapid women cozying up to your newly celebrity-christened self, please consider contacting a lonely screenwriter-wannabe who loves soulful music.

I am available at your discretion, and promise not to be a money-grubbing backstabbing bey-otch. I have a job and do not require financial incentives for going on a date with such a fine musician as yourself.

Oh, but I'm glad they gave you that Mustang convertable. It will make us look super sweet cruisin' down Sunset.

I hope you will consider this a standing offer. I can provide very good references, should upon your request.

Best of luck in your future endeavors.


Shawna Benson