Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Watch List

UPDATED 5/17 with renewals/cancellations.

Cancelled (new) shows:

  • Head Cases (Fox)
  • Sex, Lies and Secrets (UPN)
  • Inconceivable (NBC)
  • Just Legal (WB)
  • Kitchen Confidential (Fox)
  • The Night Stalker (ABC)
  • Threshold (CBS)
  • Reunion (Fox)
  • Hot Properties (ABC)
  • Killer Instinct (Fox)
  • Emily's Reasons Why Not (ABC)
  • Book of Daniel (NBC)
  • Love Monkey (CBS)
  • Four Kings (NBC)
  • Heist (NBC)
  • Commander in Chief (ABC) (cancelled 5/16)
  • Sons & Daughters (ABC) (cancelled 5/12)
  • Invasion (ABC) (cancelled 5/13)
  • Conviction (NBC) (cancelled 5/13)
  • Teachers (NBC) (cancelled 5/14)
  • Freddie (ABC) (cancelled 5/14)
  • E-Ring (NBC) (cancelled 5/15)
  • Surface (NBC) (cancelled 5/15)
  • Courting Alex (CBS) (cancelled 5/15)
  • Out of Practice (CBS) (cancelled 5/15)
  • In Justice (ABC) (cancelled 5/16)
  • Crumbs (ABC) (cancelled 5/16)
  • The Evidence (ABC) (cancelled 5/16)
  • Twins (WB) (cancelled 5/17)
  • Related (WB) (cancelled 5/17)
  • South Beach (UPN) (cancelled 5/17)
  • Modern Men (WB) (cancelled 5/17)
  • The Bedford Diaries (WB) (cancelled 5/17)
  • Pepper Dennis (WB) (cancelled 5/17)
  • Love, Inc (UPN) (cancelled 5/17)
  • Free Ride (FOX) (cancelled 5/18)
Shows likely to be axed:
  • Thief (FX)
On the Fence:
  • Windfall (NBC) (cancelled)
  • Saved (TNT) (picked up for 2nd season)
  • Blade: The Series (Spike TV) (cancelled)
  • Psych (USA) (picked up for 2nd season)
  • Brotherhood (Showtime) (picked up for 2nd season)
  • Misconception (WB) (cancelled, never aired)
Likely pickups:
    none at this time.
Ordered full season:
  • Prison Break (Fox) (renewed for next season)
  • My Name is Earl (NBC) (renewed for next season)
  • Bones (Fox) (renewed for next season)
  • How I Met Your Mother (CBS) (renewed for next season)
  • Criminal Minds (CBS) (renewed for next season)
  • The Ghost Whisperer (CBS) (renewed for next season)
  • Weeds (Showtime) (renewed for next season)
  • Sleeper Cell (Showtime) (renewed for next season)
  • Rome (HBO) (renewed for next season)
  • Big Love (HBO) (renewed for next season)
  • What About Brian (ABC) (renewed for next season)
  • The Loop (FOX)(renewed for next season)
  • The War at Home (Fox) (renewed for next season)
  • The New Adventures of Old Christine (CBS) (renewed for next season)
  • Close to Home (CBS) (renewed for next season)
  • The Unit (CBS) (renewed for next season)
  • Supernatural (WB) (renewed for next season on CW)
  • Everybody Hates Chris (UPN) (renewed for next season on CW)

Existing Shows probably in their last year:
  • Arrested Development (Fox) (cancelled)
  • Will & Grace (NBC) (cancelled)
  • Alias (ABC) (cancelled)
  • The West Wing (NBC) (cancelled)
  • Over There (FX) (cancelled)
  • Malcom in the Middle (Fox) (cancelled)
  • That 70's Show (Fox) (cancelled)
  • Yes, Dear (CBS) (cancelled)
  • Charmed (WB) (cancelled)
  • What I Like About You (WB) (cancelled)
  • Wanted (TNT) (cancelled)
  • Hope & Faith (ABC) (cancelled)
  • Jake in Progress (ABC) (cancelled)
  • Joey (NBC) (cancelled)
  • Rodney (ABC) (cancelled)
  • Less than Perfect (ABC) (cancelled)
  • Still Standing (CBS) (cancelled)
  • Blue Collar TV (WB) (cancelled)
  • Living with Fran (WB) (cancelled)
  • Cuts (UPN) (cancelled)
  • Half and Half (UPN) (cancelled)
  • One on One (UPN) (cancelled)
  • Everwood (WB) (cancelled)
  • Reba (WB) (saved! coming back on CW midseason)
  • Stacked (Fox) (cancelled)
  • The Bernie Mac Show (Fox) (cancelled)


kristen said...

E-ring can't last. I for one thing of O-Ring, as in, the sphincter, every time I hear a radio ad for the show.

porchwise said...

Martha Stewart is probably going to make it..there is still a huge group of women who watch..

Anonymous said...

Ghost Whisperer, really?...hey, did you hear they're filming the Poseiden Adventure remake right now with Kurt Russell and Richard Dreyfus, don't know if this one made it to your Wall Of Shame Monthly List

H.B. said...

It's too bad that SURFACE may get the ax. I've watched the show, and I like it. Here's why its good: If you are going to rip off Steven Spielberg movies, why stop at just one. SURFACE has elements of JAWS, CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, E.T., the list could go on; production values are also high, acting is serviceable. But what makes the show one to keep on, is that if you like your sci-fi as a spiffed-up Saturday matinee B-movie, then the show is perfect. I hope they keep it around for one full season. I'd hate to have watched it this last month without getting a payoff.

Anonymous said...

I hate this new trend of axxing shows after only a few episodes (what's the freaking hurry?). I guess no more chances of a show breaking in with word of mouth and building a base. It started when CBS cancelled Poland New Hampshire and The Handler... it's getting worse.

Kid Sis said...

Thanks for doing all the're a doll to post this.

Christian Johnson said...

Once they remove Threshold from the Friday evening death slot it should do fairly well. Tim Minear once described the Friday night slot as the one where he "test markets his 13 episode DVD sets."

John Donald Carlucci said...

I hate to see Surface go, but it bugs me that Threshold could get picked up. I wanted it to work, but it just bores the crap out of me.

I'm still pretending that Night Stalker doesn't exist and it looks like the network could help me out with that one. How can you screw that one up? Ed O'Neil would have rocked as Carl.


Bill Cunningham said...

I'm not one bit upset at any of this. The shows that are getting the axe deserve it, especially Night Stalker.

You can go ahead and wipe out the "on the fencers" and "likely pickups" too. No love lost there.

Lore_P said...

Ok...I have to say that I am REALLY bummed Hot Properties is cancelled...I am so tired of the Lost type of shows and such. This one was funny and differnet. And no I wasn't the only one watching it I know quite a few people (men included) that share my feelings...

Anonymous said...

are they crazy or sumthin? please nbc dont cancel surface . im glued to my channel 4 every monday 8 oclock to 11:30 everyone in my family knows not to even enter my room with the threat of my getting very angry!!!!!!!!!!!. mznd

Kenny said...

Hi, Shawna. Were you in my class in the UCLA Professional Program? It looks like it's you but I don't remember your last name. Because I didn't make a relationship file.

Eric Andrade said...


First of all, happy new year!

Next, thanks so much for posting all of this info, it's a great resource.

Finally, I have to admit, I'm going to miss Yes, Dear. I was surprised to see it last as long as it did, and make it to syndication, but as I started watching it, I could see why: Anthony Clark is a gifted comedian. Hopefully, he's working on a new project.

Christian Johnson said...


I love this feature on your website.


Patrick J. Rodio said...

It is a shame more shows don't get a better chance before they're killed off.

Anonymous said...


I work for UPN and came across your blog. Wanted to let you know that "Get This Party Started" is actually on UPN and will premiere on Feb. 7 at 9:00PM. Hope you will give this show a chance!

Shawn said...

How According to Jim survived this long is beyond my powers of comprehension.

Any more word on Arrested Development possibly being picked up by Showtime?

Wamba said...

I don't see HBO's BIG LOVE on your list. Last I heard it was going to be a mid-season startup. Did it get pushed back?

Shawna said...

I haven't tracked the cable shows as closely as network, but I will start to now and will throw it on the list once I find the premiere date.

Thanks for the feedback.

guyot said...

THE SHIELD is in its last year.

Which makes me sad.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why everyone posting seems to assume that Surface will be cancelled. It's on the list of "already orderred full season," not on the already cancelled, likely to get the axe, or on the fence lists.

I love Surface, and I'm praying that it isn't cancelled, so I'm going to be optimistic and take the fact that it isn't on one of those bad lists as a good sign.

Shawn said...

Love Monkey is on the fence already? And Jason Priestley was just getting back into the game. Oh, well.

Anonymous said...

I hope Surface survives to next season. It has flaws, sure, but so do most of the better series. Some tweaking, and it could be great. At least it's not a carbon copy of every other series!

Anonymous said...

NBC if you read this...GROW A SET and renew SURFACE!

It is one of the best shows on TV!

Christian Johnson said...

I know this makes me crazy, but I am rooting for What About Brian. For some strange reason, I have become a Barry Watson fan.

Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone posting on this site that NBC is insane if it cancels Surface. Yeah, the show is camp, and the acting occasionally goofy, but it works as an old-school science fiction serial. The season finale was rock solid - let's see what happens in a second season!!!

writergurl said...

Missed one for the "Already Ordered, full Season" list. The L Word has been renewed for a fourth season.

Juliah said...

Wow, I am glad to have found your site. Rock on.

Anonymous said...

Did you see this:

redneckokie said...

Has anyone heard anything about Scrubs?? Everywhere you go online they seem to be ringing the death knell for it. It's a great show and NBC needs to move it Thursday to help it! What about Close to Home? Hopefully it's doing better on Fridays. And if ABC cancels Invasion, I swear I gonna sell my TV and go back to radio!

Gianni said...

I agree with y'all. Despite its flaws, Surface was really entertaining. Hope it comes back (It was the only NBC show I watched).
I am glad Invasion was picked up for a second season, this show grows on you... Let's give a chance to Surface to do the same....

RB Ripley said...

Thanks for listing. It gives a much clearer perspective about trends when you see all of the shows in list form like this!

Alan said...

Hi, Shawna! LTNS! I just put your Atom feed on my LJ so I can keep better track of you. :-)


scadmfa said...

I am really disappointed InJustice is getting cancelled. That has been a great show with a great cast. The Evidence looks promising too - although that looks like it will be cancelled as well.

The biggest disappointment was The Book of Daniel. That was an amazing show.

Dave said...

Wow, can't believe nobody's mentioned Thief. That's a pretty good show. Of course, it's on F/X, so it's on the edgier side of TV. Lots of drama and suspense, plays off a lot more like a feature than TV.

The cast is stellar, also. While Nip/Tuck has relied on pushing the envelope this show really puts it's characters through tough situations. Hope it gets picked up for additional shows so that folks have the chance to watch it and judge for themselves.

Over There was another good show that didn't really get much of an opportunity. No doubt due to the subject matter.

Everybody should have known Book of Daniel was doomed after the first episode. Way too much controversy for a TV show! :)

Greg said...

Heist was actually pretty good. It is too bad that we will not get a chance to see how it ends. Likewise with Commander In Chief...hopefully they will air the remaining episodes. It seems like there are simply too many decent shows and they are cutting each others throats. I know that I am more of a couch potato this year then ever before!

Bonnie said...

Me love you long time, but you soooo need to change your comments preferences to include a date stamp. I'm so cornfused about the day(s) on which these comments took place. *scrambled*

Shawna said...

Thanks Bonnie -- didn't even realize I could change the timestamp for some reason -- it's fixed, just for you! :)

Greg said...

ABC is at it again, cancelling another good show - Invasion... It seems like the only network willing to let a show play out is FOX.

Bonnie said...

You rock! MUCH bettah! Thank you.

And keep up the great work. Awesome info!

Anonymous said...

I am so upset that they cancelled In Justice and Evidence. I am so sick of reality TV and girls that can talk to ghosts. I wonder if the same person writes for all the networks considering the same shows keep popping up same plot different women

Anonymous said...

I see a lot of posts supporting Surface. Surface was a decent sci-fi show to watch on a rainy day when you have like 10 of them saved on the TIVO. It's allure seems more aimed at the younger crowd (the Wesley Crusher effect), but me a young 50 could enjoy it somewhat.

However the show I an so very disappointed in, one I watched from show number one and never missed, the one that will make me never ever ever watch a sci-fi series that airs on any of the major 3 networks again (they'll never try for another 20 years anyway with the 3 cancellations), is Invasion.

I was so into Invasion, it was not slow to me as some say but instead every week brought up a new piece to the mystery. Lost? Didn't watch it.

So very disappointed. The major networks expect too high of numbers - if this show were on USA or WB/UPN, or maybe even FOX, it wouldn't have been axed..

If there is a movement to write into any network or cable network urging them to pick up Invasion, someone please post and point me at a link.