Thursday, November 02, 2006

Panic! In the Living Room

So last night, I'm sitting around contemplating my brand new 1000 piece Lost puzzle when I hear my cellphone ringing in another room. I curse myself for being in a different room from my phone and race out of my seat to try to catch it before voice mail. I lose the race. Looking down at the display, I see UNKNOWN NUMBER. At this particular time of night, I deduce it was my sister calling from her office, which my phone never recognizes. I wait the traditional 30 seconds for the house phone to start ringing.

Sure enough, the house phone rings, and I immediately pick it up and without saying hello, I say "I'm sorry, I tried to get my phone in the other room, but I just missed it."

The voice on the other end of the line is NOT my sister.

Then I'm feeling all flustered. Woops, sorry, thought you were someone aren't a solicitor are you?

No, he was not.

Are you sitting down? I wasn't.

He called to tell me I was a SEMIFINALIST for the ABC Fellowship. Yes, really.

Wow, that's awesome! What do I need to do? They need another sample. Postmarked Friday.

Oh #&$@.

So, I've been kinda busy today, polishing my draft until it shines like silver. We'll save the congrats until I find out if I make it to the finalist round.


Danny! said...

Congrats on making it that far! They need another sample? Hmmm...That must have been even more shocking than making it to the Semi's, huh? What are you submitting? What did originally you submit?

Me? I didn't get a call...I guess my chances for the fellowship are done, huh? But I hope one of us in this big writing blogosphere can make it in!

RKBentley said...

Congrats! Woo hoo!

Chesher Cat said...

See? I told you sleeping with me would bring you good luck.

Bryan N. said...


Systemaddict said...

Screw that- sleeping with me was good luck.

Good on you, and best o

Tom Rath said...

Congratulations and good luck!

Ryan Rasmussen said...

Wow! Awesome!!

Ryan Rasmussen said...

I just realized I very nearly plagiarized your entry. How original, Rasmussen! Way to go, sickboy! One day, maybe tomorrow, I will have a clear thought.

But, until such time, yes, excellent news!


Ryan Rasmussen said...

This one isn't actually a post. It just occurred to me that the rule of threes might be applied to commenting. Okay, I'm going now.


Sal Calleros said...

As a current Fellow I have to say congratulations! Your wild ride is just about to begin.

Brett said...

She may have been sleeping NEAR some of you, but whose BED was she on at the time?

Oh, I think my point is clear enough.

I got mad skills. MAD skills.

ChedderHed said...

Hey there. I'm in the same boat. When my roomate answered the phone the other night and started excitedly mouthing "IT'S DISNEY" to me, I thought she'd been dipping into the crack again. I honestly had no idea why Disney could possibly be calling me. Then the nice man said "Do you remember applying to the Television Writing Fellowship?" and everything else is a blur.

I just sent off sample #2, which is much weaker than sample #1 but all I had at the moment. And I gather that's kind of the point.

I really don't expect to advance any further, but I wish you (and the other 48 of us) all the best of luck!


Kira said...

How great, Shawna! Knock 'em dead.

Scribble94 said...

Hey there, another lurker in the boat. There are 50 of us?! Not good. Let's just try not to eat each other's flesh before this is over. I'm in the CBS Diversity boat, too. So I get twice the fun of sinking to my death.