Wednesday, October 03, 2007

ABC in love with "Cupid" again?

In what may be the strangest resurrection story of the week, ABC has given the greenlight to Rob Thomas ("Veronica Mars") to recreate his show from eight years ago. "Cupid" ran 13 episodes in 1998-99 and put Thomas on the map. It starred Jeremy Piven and developed a cult following over the years.

It's not uncommon for networks to revisit shows which worked and try to revamp them ("Bionic Woman"?) but to take a show that was cancelled so early in its run and try to recreate that? With the same showrunner? This is practically unheard of.

I certainly hope Thomas can find a way to make the show work the second time around. I enjoyed "Cupid" during its original run. Piven won't be back since he's moved on to playing Ari Gold.

Weird. Interesting. Exciting.



millar prescott said...

Yeah, I remember that show. It was pretty good. Great chemistry between Piven and Paula Marshall.

Tom said...

What happened to that new show he was working on this season? Did that not go to series?