Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Quick notes on the fall season

ABC has ordered 3 additional scripts for "Women's Murder Club". This now leaves "Cavemen" as the only new show on ABC without an additional script order. Story Link: Hollywood Reporter.

NBC is cancelling the "Heroes" spin-off "Origins". They are blaming the strike. I blame the low ratings and general suckitude of "Heroes" this year.

The X-Files movie sequel is a GO!! July 25 is set for the release date. Clearly the script is done and they are going to start shooting soon to make that date.

Tonight the writers will meet in a general meeting, and we'll know what the story is for when the strike will be declared. Considering there was hardly any news throughout the day today, I'd say the negotiations haven't gone horrible or well. This could mean waiting it out until Monday to call the strike, but who knows...

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