Tuesday, October 09, 2007

WGA Strike Talk

If you're like me (and you probably are), you're following the strike news pretty closely. The town has gone bonkers in the last week trying to deal with the looming possibility (more like probability).

So, I thought I'd collect a few links to articles which will really help break down what the dealio is with the negotiations and the strike.

First off, if you aren't reading Craig Mazin's blog The Artful Writer, you need to start. Right now. He probably has the single most useful site for newbies to understand WGA politics, the MBA and what is up with this whole strike thing.

An article today I spotted at Mediaweek today. It's more about the TV perspective, which obviously, I care about.

Variety article published yesterday. Details a lot of the recent finger pointing.

A fascinating interview with
Terry George (Hotel Rwanda) where he discusses the strike and his advice to new writers. (George will be at AFF, where I am headed tomorrow!)

The WGA has a page devoted to strike news.

Hey, guess what? The Alliance of Motion Pictures and Television Producers (AMPTP) has a site too. Fun, fun.

Have any other good blogs or articles to add? Please do so in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Great info on this one sis! Here's hoping it doesn't happen...or if it does it only lasts a week at the most...Some people may call me a dreamer...Oh well

MD Selig said...

Coooool site. Keep it up. (Love that shot of you. ) ;)

Anonymous said...

So Patric and his gang came hat in hand to the Teamsters meeting on Sunday, asking them for support. Never mind two thirds of the Wga were not around in the '88 strike, and did not suffer a lock-out, loss of home's, loss of car, etc.etc. and have no idea that with a strike everyone loses, most people never really recover from a strike. I admonished the WGA people to continue talking to the AMPTP, just because the contract date is here, you still can continue to work and neogiate, and resolve the issues. Is this some sort of Power Play ????? A teamster, local 399, 25 years in the industry.

Anonymous said...

So WGA strikes and all the stars come out, where were they when the hotel laundry workers went on strike last year, where were they when the mass transit mechanics went on strike recently, where where they when the waste management went on strike recently, where were they when the grocery store unions almost went on strike recently. Such a big sacrafice on their part to come out in support only now when it effects their livelyhood but to heck with other unions when it only effects their community. Its laughable and pretty sad.

MD Selig said...

Okay...wait a minute. I see people upset because the stars didn't come out until it affected livelyhood?

Right...but how many of us go to ANY STRIKE. Let's see... the last time you or I went to a migrant workers strike...was? (Food might be something you care about)

So to whine about Stars only showing up when it affects their livelyhood? Come on!

We show up when our paycheck is at stake. That would be considered normal.

to those of you who want to hop on the whining bandwagon about stars...well let us know when you are planning to go to the next transit strike and we'll buy you lunch and wish you well...the fact is...YOU WON'T GO. And neither will we.
That...is what's real and true.

posted by Michael David Selig aka M.D. Selig
(Ps I'll be at the strike today..even though I'm not WGA...look for me on a motorcycle!)

Anonymous said...

Okay... wait a minute. Let examine something else then. How many of the WGA union workers wrote gags and jokes about the other unions going on strike? Wouldnt be so funny if someone made fun of their plight would it? Yet I see stars with sorowful faces at WGA strike events but had the audacity to yuck it up in front of the camera while telling the very jokes written by WGA workers about the other unions. I am and have been a member of 4 different unions at one time or another and have supported other unions in their plight ... when did I ever see a WGA union member at a waste management strike handing out food? I dont wish anyone to go on strike but it is a necessity at times... but dont cry me a river about it when the shoe is on the other foot.