Thursday, May 05, 2005

Diz-knee land

I've been here the last couple of days working on the Disneyland 50th anniversary celebration. The hours are odd (it is 3 AM and I am only 3 hours into my shift) and long, but it is always fun to be in the middle of a frenzy of activity. Right now I'm in the Media Center, where media types work on their radio/tv/print pieces and eat. I'm like a "den mother", making sure things are working (especially computers) and running errands. Feels good to be in the park and away from my desk.

Class was good Tuesday night. I have most of my scenes figured out and I can start writing the outline for the first act (with summaries of each scene). When I'm finished, it will be nine or ten pages. The teaser and Act I should be about three.

I'd like to have it done in two weeks so I can get started writing the spec. Momentum is on my side and rolling. Life is good.

Sorry I've been MIA for a week. Life intrudes often -- we've been painting our condo, entertaining family, writing, living...I promise when I'm done with this press event thing I'll give you my take on "Hitchhiker's Guide"...

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