Friday, March 24, 2006

Bones gets picked up

Well, against all reasonable thought, Bones is getting a second season. So, get ready to write those Bones specs!!

Watch List updated.


Christian Johnson said...

Sheesh! Not a David Boreanaz fan?

Actually, my wife and I really enjoy Bones. Sure the "technology" is absurd, but we like the character interaction.

m said...

Second season is no big surprise. It's a decent little show with respectable ratings (and these days a killer lead-in). Good to kill an hour if there's nothing else on.

But is it really spec-worthy?

Shawna said...

Ya know, I really wanted to like this show -- I watched the first 3 episodes, and then I revisited last week when Adam Baldwin (Jayne from 'Firefly') was on. I just found the whole thing predictable and though some of the dialogue is better than it used to be, they seriously need to staff some better writers.

Say, I wonder if I could get staffed there...?

Christian Johnson said...

I wrote an "apology" for Bones on my site.

As for your getting staffed there...get spec-in'! Keep writing, you never know what will get you that foot in the door.

Shawna said...

Christian has indeed posted a very interesting "apology" for Bones. I intend to digest and respond, both at his blog and cross post it here, in part because it leads into the larger issue of why procedurals are still so dominant on TV today and what makes a good procedural (and why some of the newer ones aren't getting the ratings they probably hoped for -- yes, I'm looking at you, ABC)