Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Writing update

Figured I'd just post a quick update on writing progress...

Finished my Cold Case spec and am now in rewrites, getting notes from people, making some changes. So far, no major story issues, which is great, so the changes have all been pretty minor.

I got accepted to the Advanced Drama Pilot Spec class at UCLA Extension for the Spring semester, so that will be my next project. Though, I've made the difficult decision to replace my Lost spec with a Medium spec. Certainly not an even trade, but I just feel like I don't have it in me to fix the Lost and I've been at a loss for new story ideas, given that the storylines right now are just insane.

Meanwhile, still percolating on a couple of feature specs, which hopefully someday I'll get to. I hope to go out with my TV specs to agents very soon, and of course I'm on the hunt for a Writers' Assistant position.

No real news right now. More as it happens.


alexandra said...

Seems we're all busy doing work, which she says, is a good thing. lol! Oh! And congats on the acceptance at the Pilot Spec Class.

Hank Hudson said...

If you'd like to discuss screenwriting drop me a line.

CharlieDontSurf said...

Shawna, have you applied for the WGA's writer's assistant program? Its only for females and minorities otherwise I would have applied a long time ago.

BooM said...

Helps to have friends, huh?