Sunday, March 05, 2006

Charmed loses its...charm

Not a surprise, and I had it on the watch list. Charmed will finish its run on May 21.


Bill Cunningham said...

Thank you, God. My prayers have been answered and your wondrous tentacles have reached down from above and plucked out the offending tumor that is "Charmed."

My Sunday nights are now free to watch back-to-back reruns of "Beauty and the Geek."

Alexandra said...

Was never a favourite of mine, either.

Anonymous said...

I suppose that it is fortunate for the rest of us that the world does not revolve around you. For a show to stay on for eight complete season (with female leads btw) you are obviously a minority in the telvision viewing community.

Bill Cunningham said...

Dear Anonymous,

If by 'minority' you mean someone who doesn't accept mediocrity in their television, then I gladly accept that label.

Oh, and btw, you obviously did not get the sarcasm intended with the 'Beauty and the Geek' reference, but that's okay. You were too busy trying pin some sort of male chauvinist label on me.