Thursday, March 16, 2006

NBC picks one up

A fairly early announcement of a series pick up for next season. NBC has ordered 13 episodes of "Kidnapped" for fall. As usual, watch the futon critic for the latest.

UPDATE: NBC also picked up 13 episodes of The Black Donnellys, a series developed by Oscar (tm) winner Paul Haggis. (I forgot it was picked up in January, so kind of old news, but hey, I've been busy).

Also looks like "The Office" writers are busy through hiatus writing 'webisodes' starring the supporting players. Now what's the MBAs for this??


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Thanks for the update!

chris soth said...

It's a question that has to be asked...esp. w/Studios saying that residuals shouldn't be paid on internet broadcasts of shows, podcasts etc. And saying that that the internet doesn't count in "all media yet invented or ever to be invented in the universe.".