Monday, March 27, 2006

Film Shoot Mistaken for Hostage Situation - Yahoo! News

Why you should get a permit to shoot films.


caipirinha said...

a 'reel-life' lesson well-learned for the kids, eh? ... a production process NEVER to be overlooked.

Erik said...

I had a student in a media production class who spoofed the ending of Se7en. He filmed it in a field near the Interstate. If he'd told me what he was going to do, I would have warned him to notify the cops first.

Instead, he had the Sheriff, City Police and Highway Patrol all show up to a report of men with guns.

Apparently, the Sheriff's deputy was cool about it. The city officer was much less friendly. But no one got arrested.

ben in peoria said...

and not just guns,motorcycles on park land will bring a visit from the cops as well
or... so i've... er... heard