Wednesday, November 08, 2006

ABC finally heeds my advice

Men in Trees is moving to Thursday after Grey's Anatomy beginning 11/30 and is given a full season order. Six Degrees IS NOT cancelled, and apparently will return to the schedule in January.

This comes on the heels of news from CBS that Jericho is being split into 'two' seasons, with new episodes coming in February (and 'King of Queens' filling its time slot during the hiatus). Lost is already doing this and ends it's 'fall' half-season tonight, returning in January (edit: as noted in comments, 'Lost' will return on Feb. 7).

Networks know these types of shows don't repeat well, and audiences are more likely to stick with it if the shows aren't getting interrupted with repeats during their runs.

the futon critic


Eileen said...

FYI, Lost doesn't return until Feb. 7th.

Shawn said...

Why are they doing this to Jericho right when I've just gotten into it? Damn you, CBS!

As for ABC, they're going to feel the pain from dividing Lost. Do they really think they can maintain interest by teasing us with clips from upcoming episodes for 13 weeks? Of course, I'll be chomping at the bit, but more casual fans will probably drop off. They need to follow the 24 model -- start in January and just plow right through.

Bernie said...


She should work in Television