Friday, November 10, 2006

Studio 60 gets full season

Okay Sorkin lovers, NBC has decided to stick with the show. You've got a full season.

Now can it do well enough to get a second? (BTW, NBC may change the schedule around. Prepare to see Studio 60 pop up on another night).

Link: NBC's 'Studio 60' gets full season


Bento said...

Well, At least I don't feel like the only person watching that show now!

Shawn said...

Must admit that this is surprising. I was convinced Studio 60 was done. Shows how much I know!

Travis said...


**does a super happy dance for my favorite show**

Anonymous said...

First time posting here. I love your blog. I love hearing Studio 60. I could just sit there with my eyes closed and enjoy the symphony of words that Sorkin and company weave. But, somehow, I feel that the stakes in this particular show are so low that I find I don't really care who gets arrested for weed. That being said, this show might be better at a different time slot. Coming down from the end of the world plotline of Heroes and moving into the politics of late night sketch comedy may not work that well together.