Monday, November 13, 2006

Contemplating 'Lost'

Alert: If you have not seen last week's episode of 'Lost' please skip this post. Thank you.

So, most of the time when I watch my myriad of TV shows, I shut off my inner story critic and just enjoy the episode. Obviously if the story trips any of my "alarms", story critic comes out of hiding and doesn't go away until the story is over.

So it is with 'Lost'. Most of the time, I get so caught up in the enjoyment of watching it, that my story critic seems to take long naps while it is on. Thus, any alarms that go blaring (and there are some, believe me) do not awaken said critic and I continue to be happy as a clam. Until later. Then story critic gets cranky.

I was at the gym (wonders never cease) tonight and just letting my mind wander as I listened to the music blaring into my ears and ignoring the pain signals to my brain. I thought about running. I thought about last week's 'Lost', when Jack told Kate to run. (see the connection?) I then thought about her saying she couldn't. Why couldn't she run? Well, how would she get across to the real island for one thing...but also she didn't run because she loves Sawyer. And yet she loved Nathan Fillion (*sigh* so do I)...but she ran. Why did she run? She couldn't help herself...even the U.S. Marshal chasing her told her she couldn't stay put.

Ah. Enlightenment. Character arc. Kate can't stop running. Until that moment when Jack tells her to run, to abandon him and Sawyer. AND SHE CAN'T RUN. She won't run. Just realizing what they did within the story made me giddy. I probably would have picked up on it sooner had my story critic not been taking a powder.

And I know that two years ago, I wouldn't have even seen that. Especially not two days after I watched it. I'm getting the hang of this storytelling thing.

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Abigail Brayden said...

That is really neat Shawna! I didn't think of it either. And actually, I just thought Kate was being stubborn for not going, or pessimistic in thinking that it wouldn't be better to be away somewhere else on the island than in a cage. Even Sawyer giving in like that was bothersome because ...they got to that island somehow, so there must be a way back off of it, right?

Anyway, the point is that it's great to recover some confidence in the writers for connecting the flashback and the story to show some character growth. Thanks for sharing with us!