Monday, November 20, 2006

Clean up

CW gives more episode orders to 'Veronica Mars' and 'One Tree Hill' bringing their orders up to 20 and 21 episodes respectively.

'Gilmore Girls' numbers have been pretty good so far. Big question facing CW: Will they really be able to justify renewing this and 7th Heaven for one more year, even if the numbers are decent?

Reba's back on, but the numbers aren't that great. Big surprise.

Reminder: NBC cut 'Las Vegas' episode order to 17 in August.

ABC gave 'What About Brian?' a full season order. Despite the advertising 'Show Me the Money' is not Shat-tastic, but is, instead, really Shat-ty.

I really like 'Men in Trees'. You people better watch on Thursday night so I can spec this show with a clear conscience. Dangit.

No word yet from the ABC Fellowship. When I know, you'll know.


The Bunny said...

I've been reading your blog for a few days now, great stuff. I find your link off Sal's blog. I didn't know you made the semi-finals. I did too! For TV comedy. You seem to be in the drama section, unless I'm mistaken.

Congrats. I haven't heard anything either and was also surprised by the second writing sample.

What shows did you spec?

I sent THE OFFICE and then an original pilot as a 2nd sample.

Good luck.

Bill Cunningham said...

Shawna - I'm sorry. I'm not going to watch the pseudo-lesbian alien abductee learn about life in Alaska.

And yes, this will be how I always think of her...

Systemaddict said...

Haven't seen you in a while. Hows the pilot/work/monkey watch?


Hope you're well.