Friday, March 31, 2006

Q&A Summary of Ronald D. Moore

Kira has posted an excellent summary of a chat with Ronald D. Moore, he the creator of the new (and much improved, in my opinion) 'Battlestar Galactica'. More good stuff!

I went to the tribute to Stephen J. Cannell at the WGA Foundation last night. I'll try to post some thoughts about this event later.

UPDATE: Let me clarify -- Stephen J. Cannell is very much alive. He was honored with the Paddy Chayefsky Award from the WGA this year, and the WGA Foundation held a tribute/ Q&A with him and many of his colleagues in his honor. Cannell has a fantastic tan.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

The writers' room: an interview

Great interview with JJ Philbin over at Silly Pipe Dreams about the writers' room and other topics of interest to TV writers. JJ is a co-producer on 'The O.C.' Worth a read. Or two. Or three.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Writing update

Figured I'd just post a quick update on writing progress...

Finished my Cold Case spec and am now in rewrites, getting notes from people, making some changes. So far, no major story issues, which is great, so the changes have all been pretty minor.

I got accepted to the Advanced Drama Pilot Spec class at UCLA Extension for the Spring semester, so that will be my next project. Though, I've made the difficult decision to replace my Lost spec with a Medium spec. Certainly not an even trade, but I just feel like I don't have it in me to fix the Lost and I've been at a loss for new story ideas, given that the storylines right now are just insane.

Meanwhile, still percolating on a couple of feature specs, which hopefully someday I'll get to. I hope to go out with my TV specs to agents very soon, and of course I'm on the hunt for a Writers' Assistant position.

No real news right now. More as it happens.

Arrested Development not likely to return

You've probably already read the news, but this article in Variety indicates that the show may really be done.

RIP, Bluth family.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Best headline of the day

if you are a woman.

...actually for guys too.

Film Shoot Mistaken for Hostage Situation - Yahoo! News

Why you should get a permit to shoot films.

And they say divorce is too easy in this country

Apparently in India, you can divorce your spouse in your sleep.

New blog links!

I've decided to share the love for those who link to me, so I've added some reciprocal blog links in the sidebar. I'm also starting to catch up on who is actively posting.

Remember the rule here: Post or you're toast. No new posts in 60 days (with a few exceptions -- Paul Guyot stays because I think his archives are valuable) and you will be off the blogroll.

I also take bribes. But I will never feature Google ads. It's a principle thing.

My hero

A writing student lives in a Wal-Mart for a couple of days and tells a hilarious tale. No condemnations, no recriminations about the "evil" Wal-Mart. Just a really funny, interesting story.

The things we do for our craft.

Friday, March 24, 2006

What I Like About You no longer liked so much.

Futon critic reports that the WB's 'What I Like About You'will end its run tonight. The poor show is the least watched program on the WB, so it isn't much of a surprise that it won't make it to the CW. I'm sure Amanda Bynes will find another teen movie to make before going to another show.

TV Week Executive Briefings

TV Week has new podcasts about episodes of 24 and American Idol every Tuesday and Wednesday respectively. Listen to the executive producers of these two shows talk about the episodes!

Bones gets picked up

Well, against all reasonable thought, Bones is getting a second season. So, get ready to write those Bones specs!!

Watch List updated.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Windfall gets a premiere date

Windfall, a new show on NBC, will premiere on June 8 at 10PM.

Watch List updated...

Closing in on the goal

There are times when we feel very far away from our end goal, that of being a paid writer (pick your medium, TV or film) in Hollywood (or New York, or wherever...)

Other times, we may be close enough to the goal to taste the smell of it. If that makes any sense.

When you are closing in, time to close ranks a bit. That doesn't mean shut up entirely, and it most definitely doesn't mean not listening and keeping an eye out for other opportunities, but if your eye is on the prize, you might want to be careful about letting other people see it...because, then their eyes might be on it too.

As collaborative as writers like to be, as much as we like to cheer each other on and share in the success, there are times when you've got to look out for #1 and move stealthily toward the mile marker ahead.

I'm moving quietly. You may not hear me for awhile.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My beloved Snakes on a Plane

A bona fide phenom. And it doesn't open for 5 months.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Four Kings yanked

Another one bites the dust.

No word on if or when they will air the 6 episodes in the can.

Watch List updated.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Simpsons and King of Hill renewed

As if there was ever any doubt that it would happen, Fox greenlights another two seasons of The Simpsons and at least one more season of King of the Hill.

Animation fans rejoice!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

NBC picks one up

A fairly early announcement of a series pick up for next season. NBC has ordered 13 episodes of "Kidnapped" for fall. As usual, watch the futon critic for the latest.

UPDATE: NBC also picked up 13 episodes of The Black Donnellys, a series developed by Oscar (tm) winner Paul Haggis. (I forgot it was picked up in January, so kind of old news, but hey, I've been busy).

Also looks like "The Office" writers are busy through hiatus writing 'webisodes' starring the supporting players. Now what's the MBAs for this??

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Kill me now

I have the flu! Arrrrrgh.

That is all.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Winding down

Apart from posting the latest TV news (btw, did you see that NBC shelved 'Joey' AGAIN after one airing??), I really don't have a lot to say here anymore.

When I started blogging there were about 15-20 screenwriting blogs, pros and wannabes. Now there are more than 100. With so many different voices, all with unique perspectives and interesting insights, I'm at a loss to add anything interesting to the mix.

So, don't be surprised if one day soon, you come here and see a big 'Closed' sign on the front page. It just may happen. Can't say when, can't say how, but it is possible.

If you have specific information you want me to post, please let me know below. I'll do my best to accommodate.

Monday, March 06, 2006

CBS renews 14 series for next season

CBS likes their lineup and isn't afraid to say so. Here's the list of shows getting the nod for renewal:

60 Minutes
The Amazing Race
Cold Case
CSI: Miami
Two and a Half Men
Without a Trace

New shows making the cut:

Criminal Minds
The Ghost Whisperer
How I Met Your Mother

Still awaiting word:

Close to Home
Courting Alex
Out of Practice
The New Adventures of Old Christine (not yet aired)
The Unit (not yet aired)

The Watch List is updated. (hat tip: the futon critic)

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Charmed loses its...charm

Not a surprise, and I had it on the watch list. Charmed will finish its run on May 21.