Sunday, May 20, 2007

Life steps in.

I don't often blog about my personal life here, because I never really intended this blog as a place to do naval gazing about my own thoughts, feelings etc when they aren't connected to my writing.

Still, I've come to think of a lot of you as my friends...some I know better than others, but I don't mind sharing a personal life detail here and there.

One thing most of you may not know about me is that I haven't been in a relationship in two years. In fact, it's really been closer to three, but I know how bad that sounds so I just say two and leave it at that.

It has come to my attention recently that I might want to reconsider my position on this. Not the 'declaring how long I've been out of the dating world thing' but rather the 'being out of the dating world thing'. As in, maybe I'll get back in.

So, since I trust you all to have my best interests at heart, I will now let you know that I am back in play. Available. Unattached and looking. Etcetera.

I suppose I'll save the details of why and what I want for some time later. Just let it be known that I am open to dating possibilities. God help me.


IQCrash said...

One lunch with Ronson and the women get all a-twitter. The man is better than spanish fly.

Tom said...

Don't you tease us boys, Shawna.

Fun Joel said...

Good for you for putting this out there! You know I'll keep my eyes, ears and mind open for ya!