Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Veronica Mars lives!

...and it looks like 'Gossip Girl', from Josh Schwartz (he who hath created 'The O.C.') is gonna get a pickup from CW also -- they were given the go ahead to start staffing.

Yes, the news is trickling in. I've also heard 'Action News', the comedy pilot with Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton is a lock at Fox and 'Dirty Sexy Money' is gonna get a pimp spot, just like the new Grey's spinoff 'Private Practice' will...my bet is one of them goes to Monday and Brian hits the trash heap. But more about my predictions later...

UPDATE (10:49 AM WED): Or maybe it won't live. Ratings last night were beyond dismal into non-existant. Even with fire coverage pre-empting the show in L.A. there was an approximate loss of 500,000 viewers. The show has been pulling in less than 3 million viewers all season. Last night it was probably less than 2 million. Sadly, I'm not sure even a retooled VM could take off next season, certainly not if there are less than 3 million viewers for it...

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adrea said...

Prayer works! (Mac end of season 2)

My spec lives! And good thing I'm writing with the FBI switch in mind.

THANK YOU for the post!!!