Monday, May 14, 2007

Troubled waters for NBC

Thinking more about NBC's announced schedule...they really need one or two shows to hit. Consider this:

ER - 14th season, rumored to be its last
Law & Order - 18th season
Law & Order: SVU - Ninth season

These shows are all long in the tooth and expensive. Law & Order barely escaped cancellation, only surviving after NBC reached an agreement with Dick Wolf to reduce costs on the series this year. A story in the Hollywood Reporter today quotes Kevin Reilly at the upfronts about whether this will be the last season for "ER":

"We'll make a determination in October," Reilly said, noting that NBC will be in the last year of its contract for "ER" with Warner Bros. Television. "If we feel like this is it, we will make a very big deal of it, driving the finale."

If NBC doesn't find some viable replacements out of their development this year, we'll see "Deal or No Deal" on four nights a week. And that's too much Howie Mandel for anyone.

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