Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Video clips of new NBC shows

The Bionic Woman

Fighting! Jumping! Katie Sackoff!! Miguel Ferrer. I already love this show.

Interview with Exec Producer David Eick


Car chase in Nerd Mobile

The NSA catches up with Chuck and Sarah


Charlie and his partner are escorted out.


Dan saves Neil.

Dan is thrown out of his house in 1987.


Spanish Prisoner said...

Great compilation Shawna! I really DO want to see "Life" picked up. It's the show that could make me addicted to it like Lost or Entourage do. I love the scene where Damien Lewis is escorted out of prison. He's like the next Bruce Willis!

And Journeyman looks very promising and interesting. It may grab my interest for a long time if picked up.

Tom said...

For a minute I thought "Life" was that David E. Kelley remake of "Life On Mars" and I thought I was going to have to give it a change because it has Damian Lewis.

Thankfully, I can enjoy Damian Lewis without having to watch David E. Kelley remaking something no one has any business remaking.

But whatever happened to that new "Life On Mars."