Tuesday, May 15, 2007

CBS Schedule Predictions

CBS once again has a relatively stable schedule. They renewed a large number of their shows, and only have a few time periods to really worry about. Still, I'd like to see CBS mix things up a little bit to counter some of the moves by their competitors.


This is one night where CBS should stay the course. Monday is a good comedy night for them, but ratings have been weaker of late. Still, I think we'll see "How I Met Your Mother" paired with newcomer "The Big Bang Theory" in the 8 PM hour. For 9 PM "The New Adventures of Old Christine" could play lead-in to "I'm in Hell". At 10 PM CBS will most likely stay with what works -- CSI: Miami.


CBS has done well on Tuesday nights, and since they are keeping NCIS and The Unit, I'd expect them to continue airing these shows on this night. This could be the night that new series "Swingtown" gets a tryout at 9 PM, sandwiched between the aforementioned shows.


An hour of comedy on Wednesday seems to work well, so I think we'll see "Rules of Engagement" appear here after "Two and a Half Men". If ROE gets bumped to midseason, the slot will go to "The Captain", another new half hour. 9 PM would be a good hour to premiere "Viva Laughlin", but if they decide to be lame and keep their night the same, we'll see "Criminal Minds" followed by CSI: NY. Pardon me while I yawn at the prospect.


This one's a cakewalk: "Survivor" and "CSI" for sure. Now, at 10 PM I really think they'll try out a newbie and bump "Shark" to another night, so my money is on "Los Duques", the new Jimmy Smits show to get the pimp spot.


This has been a good night for CBS, except for the lackluster numbers for now cancelled "Close to Home". I think "Twilight" would be a decent fit out of "Ghost Whisperer" and before "Numb3rs". Vampires after ghosts makes total sense to me.


48 Hours and whatever other crap they come up with. Did I mention this is a wasteland night?


CBS went with Race-Case-Trace as their lineup this night (which I kinda dug the mnemonic for), but I expect this to get a shakeup. For one thing, I think "Amazing Race" will get held for spring, and in its place we'll see either "Shark" relocated from Thursday to 8 PM or "Cold Case" bumped to 8 and "Shark" at 9. Of course, "60 Minutes" will continue to air at 7.

Tune in bright and early for the real schedule.

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