Wednesday, November 02, 2005

ABC finds new ways to exploit hit TV show 'Lost'

Found this story on Yahoo! News...basically, ABC is teaming with corporate sibling Hyperion to produce a book which will be featured on the show and then be written and sold in bookstores. A "mystery writer" has been tapped to pen the novel entitled "Bad Twin".

I'm thinking they can do this with all of their shows! Genius! Now, who did they get to write the book?


Will's Blog said...

Interesting... It just might work. There were people actually dumb enough to play those lottery numbers as well.

Anonymous said...

speaking of promoting Lost, what is this 'tune into Good Morning America' for the missing Lost scene shit I see after every broadcast? WTF do I have to get up early when I have been up all night writing (wink)..seriously, have you tuned in to see any?

Chris said...

I remember when they did this stuff with Twin Peaks. Laura Palmer's "Diary"; Agent Cooper's Journal. Pre-internet, everyone was desperate for any clues they could score. While interesting and enjoyable, I don't think they really revealed much. I'm sure people will buy this stuff as well.