Thursday, November 10, 2005

TV news dump

So, lots to report, all from a single Hollywood Reporter article.

Arrested Development: cancelled (as expected, will only air 13 episodes, not 22)
Kitchen Confidential: cancelled (again, expected. Did not get back nine)
7th Heaven: cancelled (will end in May)

Freddie: back nine pickup

I know, the obvious question is, in what universe do we live where Arrested Development gets cancelled and Freddie gets picked up?

It's a cruel cruel world...


oneslackmartian said...

Arrested Development CANCELLED? Christ, so what, now there are 12 newly unemployed genius writers ALSO in front of me??

Deleting my own profanity.

AuntiCraker said...

I love Arrested Development. They moved it around too much. It was hard to know when it was going to be on. What is Freddie?