Sunday, November 27, 2005

Blogroll adds for November

It's nearing the end of the month, so I've got some backlogged adds to make to the blogroll...

Lots to choose from. You people keep making blogs! Of course, the rules around here are you get linked a) if you link to me first (I'm all about sharing the love) or b) I've been reading you regularly for at least 2 weeks or c) you e-mail me and ask to be added.

In all cases the same rule applies: Post or you're toast! I've been kind to some folks, but those of you who insist on letting your blogs stagnate will find yourself off the SITW blogroll if you neglect entertaining me for more than 30 days (exceptions are made for those who at least warn people of an absence).

Okay, with the rules out of the way, let's see who we have this month:

Want to learn about running marathons and someone's efforts at becoming a writer? Read Chad Darnell's Untitled Project.

Tim Clague in the U.K. writes and has been nominated for a BAFTA. That's a real award, people!

Julie O. is my friend. She is very cool and I've met her! It's true! A blogger I have met that doesn't live in Los Angeles...oh and she writes like a woman on fi-yah.

I'm a big supporter of Dave's shirt, so I guess that makes me a supporter of Dave's blog.

I'm a nearly daily visitor to Silly Pipe Dreams and to The Big Woo. Good blogs, funny people.

People I met at the Screenwriting Expo Blogger meet up but for some reason didn't link to their blogs before: Ras and Writergurl.

Two Scribosphere favorites I have not meant to leave off the list but have been unintentionally neglected: Velociraptors on the Space Shuttle and Julie Goes to Hollywood (things they don't tell you in film school).

Finally, because they link to me: Dave Grubber, Hollywood Fun Camp, Matt Courtney, Danny Stack (in the UK), John Cairns (another Canuck), Write Brother and Brett in Texas.

Okay, that's a lot of adds for this month. Hopefully that takes care of most of my backlog. If I've left you off the addlist, e-mail me and let me know so I can get you on next month.

Follow the rules kids! Blogs are serious commitments, not frivilous ways to procrastinate...oh, wait.


Chris said...

Thanks for the add, Shawna. I hope I can make it worth actual daily visits.

Webs said...

Just a touch-up....

My blog is just called "101" so you can drop the squadron part of the title from your blogroll. I don;t blog (much) about the squadron at all.

Julie O. said...

Aw, thanks, Shawna (even if the link to my name up there is broken...)

Happy to be a blog in your roll, nonetheless.

Shawna said...

Fixed it. Sorry about that Julie! And fixed yours too Webs.

Brett said...

"Brett In Texas"?

You realize, of course, you've condemned me — now I have to deal with all them there poor uncultured fools what can't stand the Great State and will see that sticker you slapped on me as reason enough to never give me even the slightest chance to dazzle and delight.


Victimated — that's what I is. Unfairly, too. (but thanks for tryin'... I think)
poor poor pitiful B

Shawna said...

I had to differentiate you from my friend Brett in Prague.

If I had a better descriptor for your site I'd use it, so offer one up...cowboy. :-)

Tim Clague said...

Thanks for the link.

Sorry for the delay in replying. The reason? Been writing! So that's at least a good excuse.