Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Screenwriter connection

** Bumping to top while I'm on vacation. I'll try to post while I'm away, but hey, use the next week to meet new people!

I get a lot of visitors. Not John August levels or Artful Writer hits, but I get my fair share.

So, I want to help my visitors.

I also notice a lot of people from the same areas of the country cruising through. It occurred to me that many of you may be virtual neighbors and may not even know it.

I hearby start the SITW Screenwriter "Groupmatching" Project.

Here's how it works:

Post a comment below with your region of the country. You do not need to post your e-mail address, but if you want to, feel free. Consider this a bulletin board where you can possibly find others who are working in your genre, medium (TV or Feature), or live in your area that may be interested in swapping scripts. Here's an example for me, if I were going to comment on my post:

My name is Shawna and I'm located in Los Angeles. I am primarily focused on writing TV specs, but I also have several feature projects in various stages of development (well, my mental development) and I am working on a TV pilot idea. I'd be interested in meeting other writers, need not be located in Los Angeles, who share my interests. Will read specs and provide minimal notes.

Now, you might have a specific interest or maybe you are trying to get a writer's group going in Pittsburgh (hey, why not?) Let people know below! If I get a lot of comments on this post, I'll keep it bumped to top (right near the Watch List) to aid people in finding other writers to collaborate with, trade scripts for notes or just talk to.

It's an experiment. Let's see where it goes. Who's first? Don't be shy, now's your chance to put some of that networking advice I've given you to good use!


Chris Soth said...

I'm in...

...keep trying to post this, confused by blogger, apologizing if this goes multiple.ris

Happy to chat about writing, living, teaching in L.A.


Shawna said...

Thanks Chris! Blogger can be a little fussy sometimes...

m said...

I'm in Orlando, FL until early next year, then I'll be in the general LA area.

Cuz you cannot write TV from here.

Chris said...

I'm Chris and I'm on the East Coast at the moment (Hi Chris!)

I plan on moving to LA sometime after the first of the year. A Scribosphere Writing Group out there would seem to be a good idea.

I have finished one feature script (66% complete on the rewrite) and have several ideas for other features.

I am an LRCS according to the August Screenwriter Type criteria. I don't use "we" and I do believe in outlining.

Fun Joel said...

I will post more on here later, but I did want to at least briefly mention that Moses from The Rabbit Trail set up a cool frapper! map that this can match with nicely. Check it out at:


Anonymous said...

Todd... Oklahoma City...member of local writing group that meet up once/month and would love to get more people involved here

Scott said...

Scott, La Verne, CA but possibly moving to Wisconsin later this year.

procrastinatrix said...

Hello, I'm in LA as well, also focused on TV specs, and also working on a TV pilot idea. So you can see why I've become a regular reader of your blog. I love hearing someone else's insights on the very same things I'm pursuing.

oneslackmartian said...

Hey they got this really cool map thingy at http://www.frappr.com/ that lets your users indicate where they are. Frappr gives you the html/css code to paste into your site.

There's an example at the Green Knight's blog: http://thegreenknight.blogspot.com/

Click on the frappr icon on his left column.

I would use it at my site, but it would only highlight how few visitors that I have. It would look good at your site or Warren's or Joel's, etc.



oneslackmartian said...

Do I delete my last one or just point out that I missed fun joel's comment that already mentioned frappr?

El Stupido

deepstructure said...

christopher, in los angeles. currently working on both a full-length screenplay and a short film script. 15 years since i've been writing i've only managed to write 3.75 original screenplays, 2 short film screenplays and 1 teleplay (star tre:tng). only one of the short scripts did i turn into an actual film. so i'm coming to terms with the fact that i'm probably more of a director or story structure person. but i'd love to meet and chat with other folks trying to put words down on paper that will hopefully end up on a screen.

Shawn said...

Hi, Shawn from Los Angeles. I've just finished my first TV spec (just in time for vacation), an episode of Deadwood (I'd love to get feedback on this). Also, I've written seven features, one of which (an espionage thriller) is slowly making its way out to agents and managers. Another feature, a western, is being considered by an independent director who actually has access to money. Hopefully something good will come of this. Meantime, I keep ass in chair. Anyway, I think it would be a cool idea to get writers in LA together for a writers group or just a drinks meet. I'll leave my email below in case anyone's interested.

Great blog, Shawna! Glad I found it.


Patrick J. Rodio said...

Hey dudes, yeah, I'm all about getting some sort of thang going. I'm in NJ and certainly feel cut off. I've got piss-poor representation. I've written probably 40 screenplays (all features). How many are readable? Well, not 40. I probably have 8-10 that I'm happy enough to go out with. Anyways, I post over at Could You Describe The Ruckus?

Craig Mazin said...

Whaddya mean, or even as much as Artful Writer? :)

Living in August's shadow,


Kristen said...

Hi, Kristen from LA. (Long time lurker, first time poster.)

I write television, one hour drama. I'm currently working on a pilot idea and then I'll probably be ready to do another spec. I just made it to the Disney semi-finals again (and am hoping for the best) and would love to hook up with some other drama people for a writers group.

Emily Blake said...

Emily. Just moved to Los Angeles a few months ago. I focus on television, but I'm working on a feature at the moment.

Iain said...

Iain - New York

My overwhelming focus is TV drama - I have completed 3 specs - and I have some pilot ideas floating around somewhere. I applied for the ABC / Disney Fellowship but I haven't heard anything {congrats Kristen}. I'll read specs.

Joshua said...

Joshua - New York City - www.playwrightjoshuajames.com

Playwright by trade, with a bunch of produced plays in my past and a few more coming up in the future. Looking to transition into other areas of written entertainment. I've written a few spec screenplays, one or two of which I'm told will be filmed next year as independent production (whether it actually happens or not is out of my hands, but my hands have fingers and those fingers are crossed, hopful for the best) and I'm currently working on a new one, a scary horror story that I started before I knew everyone on earth was writing a horror script (but now that I've started I gotta finish it, my OCD is helpful that way) - I've written some tv specs and some original tv treatments - I would very much like to work in television some day, I like to watch TV and working in that industry would be a dream.

I spent a couple months in LA earlier this year and hope to come back next year.

I like to write. I like movies. I like stories. I life this life and hope to do it better every day.

Rob said...

Hi all.

I'm Rob and I live in Los Angeles. I've been writing scripts for about three years, since I started the USC Master of Professional Writing program, which I graduated in 2004.

I've written two scripts and I'm finishing up the first draft of a third. I also wrote two specs this year, HOUSE and SIX FEET UNDER. I submitted HOUSE to the Disney Fellowship, but like Iain I haven't heard anything.

I'd certainly like to do some networking. I work a full-time job in public relations, so it's hard to do much with my free time aside from writing.

I am very good at giving notes and coverage. I did so for a literary agency the first half of this year before I needed to commit to a full-time paying job for financial reason.

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

Fun Joel said...

Finally getting to posting this info. Sorry it took me so long. Let's see...

Joel. Los Angeles (for about 2 yrs. now -- formerly NYC). Pro script reader (freelance) and write for scr(i)pt magazine. 2 scripts currently waiting for revisions (one is a weed comedy and one is a D2DVD type slasher script), and currently collaborating with a friend on a cool vampire western.

Always happy to talk to anybody about anything. :-) Have a bon vacance Shawna! And happy thanksgiving to all!

Bill Cunningham said...

what's this thing called a vacation?!

You're a writer, you don't get a vacation.

Shawna said...

Hey, if any of you link up through this thing, let me know...I'm interested in success stories!

BTW, for the TV writers in the audience, I'm cooking up a gathering in L.A. after the first of the year. Details to come in a week or two...

Robert Hogan said...

Hey I'm Rob H and I write scripts. I live in the Fly Over Zone (Ohio for those familiar with the middle states). I've written or co-written nine feature scripts, but I prefer to direct and produce. If anyone is interested in trading script notes let me know .

The Constipated Writer said...

Hey, JD and I'm in Orlando FL. But, I will be back in the mothership to Southern NJ in two months to make my first feature film.

I write only feature screenplays, and have around 7 finished. I'm setting out to make a few of those scripts myself. No sense in treading water.