Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Alias and Threshold get their walking papers.

Found the story on Yahoo! News...Alias will end its 5 year run in May. The last line of the article mentions that CBS is pulling the plug on Threshold, so it is cancelled, axed, ceased to be, and any other search term you folks are plugging in to find the news.

Watch List will be updated with the latest victim.


Warren said...

Ughhh, I really loved that Threshold pilot, and thought it had a lot going for it. But week after week, it just seemed to get, well, weaker. Perhaps it was because they were trying to do a CBS/Bruckheimer stand-alone crime procedural (every episode they'd go to one new location where there had been a "breakout," and resolve the threat by the end of the show), when the premise (aliens invade and try to destroy mankind as we know it!) cried out for a 24- or Lost-type serial approach.

By the way, Shawna, what are your thoughts on spec'ing Entourage? I'm a features guy, but love that show and thought I might try my hand at t.v. specs again. Is it considered a good spec in town?

Anonymous said...

I don't get it, these people who decide "whats good/bad" on t.v. will cancel good shows like Enterprise, and Threshold but keep the crap such as the stupid Survivor series, bring back Fear Factor, and that Top Model show.
Don't know about anyone else - And I could be in the minority but it looks like t.v. in general will go out with the Dinosaurs if this continues.