Thursday, May 19, 2005

Analyzing the TV schedules

All of the networks have been announcing their fall schedules this week. Lee Goldberg has links for the new schedules.

One major trend I noticed was a lack of major new reality programming. NBC has one new reality show and everyone else seems to be holding reality for summer or midseason. As a result, there are a lot of new scripted programs on the schedules. Obviously this is great news for writers as the possibility of some of these shows being successful is higher now that they aren't competing quite as much with reality fare.

I'm particularly heartened that there are a lot of 'Lost-inspired' shows on everyone's schedules. My Lost spec may actually be of some use, if I can get an agent and if any of these shows are good enough to make it. Of course, I'm still going to spec a procedural to cover my bases.

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Anonymous said...

I read over the network's fall offerings and see a lot of sci-fi alien based did I read right? A bounty hunter series with Don Rickles?