Friday, May 27, 2005

Long, lost weekend

I wish I could say I have exciting plans for the weekend, but I can not as I do not. My sister and I will be making the 'big push' to finish our domestic painting this weekend, a project that started a month ago. I might get out of the asylum long enough to see a movie or do some shopping, but I see your head nodding. I'll end the boring details there.

No, I will not be drinking myself into a stupor, despite what the post title might lead you to think. More likely, I'll be finally starting to write script pages for my 'Lost' spec. The outline is complete and I'm ready to breathe some life into this sucker.

Can I just say I don't know if the 'Alias' finale was the most awesome thing I've ever seen or the lamest thing? If done correctly, next season could be a real head trip. If they fail to make sense out of it...let's just say I do not see a Season 6 in their future. That is all I'll say on the subject. For now.

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