Sunday, May 08, 2005

Studio Panic

Looking over Box Office estimates for this weekend, I'd say there are a few studio heads sweating on Monday morning. This was the 11th straight "down weekend" (meaning, less was made than the same weekend last year). Kingdom of Heaven and House of Wax both underperformed. Everyone will be scratching their heads and asking 'what's going on here?'

I'll tell ya what's going on. No one wants to see these movies. When I heard about these films months ago I thought, 'yeah, the Crusades film would be interesting as a rental, but do I really NEED to see this movie? And really, since Paris has already offered her, um, assets inadvertantly gratis, do I REALLY want to pay to see them?' Both answers were no.

Now, let's look at next weekend: J-Lo and Fonda (pass, even if my future boyfriend Michael Vartan is in it) and Will Ferrell with Robert Duvall (YES and we get Ditka thrown in to boot!!). Weekend after...well, if you don't know what comes out May 19 you are living in a hole and I can't help you. Let's just say, summer will really start then and I already have my tickets bought. My only anguish is I must wait until Saturday morning at 11:00 to see the Sith. This is so wrong for me, as I am not afraid to wave my geek flag proudly at midnight Wednesday showings and have for the first two Star Wars prequels. If you even attempt to e-mail me a spoiler I will come knocking on your door with a Wookie and a good blaster to mess you up.

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Anonymous said...

Howdy Shawna! Just dropping in to say hi. Nice pic! It's always good to have a face for the words ;-).

Okay, finals week, back to studying...

Rick Brady