Monday, May 30, 2005

Minor setback

I received some new notes on my outline from my instructor. Things he hasn't commented on in the last two weeks suddenly have given him concerns and I'm frustrated. I'll have to take time out from writing script pages to address possible concerns with my structure (fortunately I fixed one thing he questioned as I was writing the pages). I may only be 10% done writing script pages, but it feels like losing momentum to go back and focus on the outline.

Still, this *is* an outline writing class, so if I want to get an 'A', I'd better deal with it. Ugh.


David C. Daniel said...

Here's my $.02:

Worry less about the grade as such and more about creating an outline that will help you translate your story into a coherent screenplay. That's what an outline's for, isn't it?

The comedy script I'm writing contains 7 main characters and a few minor ones. Without an outline I wouldn't be finishing today (or tomorrow latest) which is just over 2 months.

Did I depart from my original outline?
Not in any significant way, so I guess I did it "right."
Did I depart from my original notes based on my outline?
I didn't, but a few of my characters did.

You can do it. Just write on!

Guyot said...

I agree with what David Daniel says. Grade means nothing. You are in this class to get better as a writer, not to get a good grade.

That sounds weird, but it's true. Writing classes are so subjective. Who knows if your instructor knows what theb hell he/she is talking about?

Outlines are gold, especially for less-experienced screenwriters.

The best thing is once you have a solid outline - THAT's when you can depart from it here or there, if need be.