Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Day Job

So, as previously mentioned, I work at BIG UNNAMED COMPANY. I've worked for BUC for 9 years, most of that time in Florida, but the last 2.5 years here in L.A. BIG UNNAMED COMPANY is outsourcing most of the IT department (and if you are up on current events, you might even be able to guess what this BUC is) and so I face an uncertain future. Fortunately, I got scheduled for an interview for a position still within BUC and not at the outsourcing company. If I don't secure a position here, I will most likely end up working for the vendor. The question is, do I still want to be doing this kind of work? I'm a supervisor of the computer help desk and I have to admit, my job isn't really all that strenuous. I have time to write in the evenings. Still, do I stay on this path or do I take a significant paycut and start at the bottom of the latter in 'the business'. I hate being faced with these kinds of dilemmas.

Spec script is written through the end of Act I. I'll be writing Act II tonight.


Anonymous said...

tough decision for sure, not sure which way the ladder is going to be facing...we may think we are climbing up but the damn thing is pointing in a hole. I can't wait for the day I earn most of my income from writing (and less from ebay)

Brian Scott said...

I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for reading us over at the BSC, Shawna.

You write well. Keep it up.