Friday, June 24, 2005

Radio silence

Sorry it's been so quiet this week. I've been slammed with work, HOA stuff and tweaking my draft. So far the notes have been constructive and overall the feedback is pretty positive. Of course, so far I've given it to people who are kind. I'm waiting to hear from the 'tough crowd' I've solicited for feedback.

Criticism is hard. I always have to remind myself that it isn't personal. I have asked these people to give me their honest feedback and notes so I can make my work better. Still, sometimes it feels like genius to idiot in less than five seconds once someone opens their mouth.

Between genius and idiot, I think I'm floating along as mortal. I'll settle for that.


Anonymous said...

I know we only know each other briefly through blogging, but I extend my reading/criticism eyes to you if you ever want to send me a pdf of your writing? One of the reasons I got a blog is to learn and help my fellow scribes...oh and BTW, when someone doesn't post for awhile I automatically assume they are slaving away over the keyboard (smiles)

Moses said...

I concur with moviequill, always assume life and writing sweeps one away... And criticism is hard. I love it, just got a bunch on one of my scripts, but like you said, easy to go from brilliant to idiot pretty quickly.

Skarr said...

I know how you feel.. typical frustrations of a writer - unwanted, rejected time and again.

Hopefully, my novel will do well.

Good luck!

Matt Reynolds said...

How to take criticism? I think it's more about how it's given. It's the "why" that's important. Why did you like this scene? Why didn't you like this character? One of the worst things for a writer is to recieve criticism without substance. "That's good" without an explanation is just as bad to me as "that sucks".

Good luck with your submission...