Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Getting physical

As becoming as I look in my admittedly outdated photo (not *that* outdated, just...not the most current), I find I need to refocus my efforts to lose weight, get into good shape, etc.

So I'm seeing a trainer tomorrow.

Hoo-boy. I don't know if I'm ready for this or not, but considering how much time I've spent recently in front of a PC and not on a treadmill, I think it's time.

This is just the 'consultation' tomorrow. If I like the place/trainer/etc, I can choose to go as often as I like, when I like -- no preset number of sessions, etc. The best part -- they claim that one session a week (plus some work on your own) is all you need to get on the path to wellness. I already have a Bally club membership, so I am not looking to spend too much extra dough, but just as with screenwriting, I find discipline in exercise to be helpful. Setting goals and working to achieve them. Sure, you can fall off the wagon occassionally (like, watch a movie instead of write, eat a Krispy Kreme instead of a carrot), but as long as you keep those deviances to a minimum, the goal can be met.

Although no Krispy Kremes. They are evil incarnate. Sweet, sweet evil.


Anonymous said...

what a great idea, good luck on that....I'd love to one day require the services of an assistant/trainer so she can slap those donuts out of my hand, arrange my itinerary and drive me to Carrot International for lunch (yes, I do need help in my battle with Evil)

Bryan said...

Geting a trainer at a place like Bally's etc is a waste of money...unless you need it to actually go to the gym...any athlete etc could give you a simple plan to lose all your fat and look like the girl on the SHAPE magazine in 6 months or less....probably more like 3 months.
If you have enough willpower to get to the gym for 1/2 an hour or even 45 minutes 2-4 times a week then go buy the south beah paperback...eat the meals in there and do a mix of interval cardio and basic weight lifting and you'll be fine.

G.Gunther said...

I seriously thought that you looked quite amazing in that 'old photo'. Good luck with your exercise program.