Wednesday, June 08, 2005


It's one of those days when you can hear the tic-tic-tic of the clock as the day soldiers on toward a close. The office is quiet. Ocassionally I hear someone's voice drift down the hallway, but overall there is silence and the palpable feeling of worry and dread.

People are interviewing for jobs this week, trying to stay with BUC (Big Unnamed Company) and avoid the uncertain future of being sent off to a vendor company. We are all interviewing against each other, so conversations are short and do not dwell too much on our current situation other than to note how much it sucks. As I walk past my employees I can see them clicking through job search websites. They don't even try to hide it anymore. I can't blame them for looking, and they can't blame me for my curiosity.

After my own intervew three hours ago, I had the perfect opportunity to get some writing done, but I just couldn't shake off the heavy malaise that surrounds us all, not even to do what I love.

So now I'm blogging. I needed to do *something*.

My outline is done. My spec is started and Act I is finished on the first draft. I'll work my way through Act II tonight and hopefully I can get a few scenes written. Optimistically I'd like to see me finish Act III by next week. Trying to set the bar high but within reason. I won't start class again for three weeks, so I have to use the time between now and then to push ahead, especially if I want a pretty decent awesome draft to submit for the ABC/Disney Fellowship.

Phone rang. Nope, they hung up. Even phone calls are in short supply today. I need to call the dentist to schedule my cleaning.

I'm taking suggestions for what to spec after I finish this one. Note: I am less inclined to spec CSIs, Law & Orders, or The O.C. Everything else is in bounds.

I'd like to finish another TV spec before breaking a new feature or rewriting my first screenplay. At least I've got two TV samples to send out that way while I keep writing other stuff.

Ugh, I need a nap.


Gary P said...

Hey Shawna,
Have you considered 'Medium', it has been picked up, is doing quite well and you said you were looking for something episodic, right? Good luck with everything!

Anonymous said...

Good luck on the job situation (my wife is currently scouring the postings at night from the laptop) as Big Brother and Sister is watching her at work. Oh yeah, and thanks for coming by my Blog on my Big Debut Day, that was sweet

Kid Sis said...

I would second Medium - It's such a well-written show, and it has that tense "Lost" thriller sense to it. Plus it's a female lead.

Your vivid description of the work situation gave me horrible flashbacks. Hang in there.