Wednesday, June 01, 2005

From the comments

Here's a comment posted anonymously on a previous post:

do you use people you know as characters in your writing? are there people you won't use as characters (peole with certain relationships)?

do you write them as you know them, or do you change them for what you're writing?

I often use attributes of people I know in my writing. I've written characters who resemble in part relatives or friends of mine. I would never try to copy someone in real life, because I think that is unfair, unless I were making a biographical film. However, I think that attributes of that person (mannerisms, quirks, behaviors) are fair game and I use them often. I always make sure to use those attributes to enhance a character, not completely define him/her. I also make sure that I'm not demeaning anyone I know with the use of that characteristic.

Does anyone else have an opinion on this topic?

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Anonymous said...

Part of me wants to rip one of my characters a new one by being overly accurate to existing people from my past, seeking literary or cinematic revenge on them, allowing me to chuckle with glee as I picture them back home paying $10 for the show and $5 for popcorn and then seeing themselves skewered on the screen (insert evil laugh here). But I read this one article years ago about a guy who was too accurate about his friends back home and they all sued him. So I will mix and match my characteristics (the obese pathological liar that stole $250 from me to buy a genuine Chicago Blackhawks jersey will now become the rail-thin pathalogical liar prone to borrowing money from friends and bulshitting about where it went). I practice CYA just incase