Sunday, June 12, 2005

Half done!

I finished Act II yesterday. I'm pushing forward today. I think I'll need to go back and add a scene to Act II, but I'm focusing on moving forward. If I stop to rewrite anything I'll get stuck there, analyzing what has already been written. I don't want to deal with that until I finish the 4th Act and the Tag.

I'm definitely in a better mood today. Reaching a goal will perk you up. Plus, I feel like a real Californian today. I woke up to the earthquake this morning -- my first that I've actually felt. Since it wasn't very powerful here, it was more exciting than scary. Did you guys feel it? How did you react?


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on moving forward. We are much enjoying reading about your progress. But alas no, there wasn't much of an earthquake by the time we woke up. Portobello was pretty quiet, as was much of London.

JJ said...

We moved to LA when I was in 7th grade and my mother asked the realtor why there was a big crack in our back patio as there hadn't been one when we agreed to buy the house. "Earthquake."

I'll never forget the look that passed between my parents. I think it had a good deal to do with why we only lived there for six months.

And, hey, Act II complete? You're out of the doldrums and into the fun part. Congrats.