Friday, July 29, 2005

Blogroll updates

Another month, another batch of screenwriting blogs. This month I've added:

I'm trying to keep blogroll additions small, only 3 to 4 a month. If you have a blog you want linked, let me know and I'll consider it for August!

Now, you all have to remember the golden rule of blogging (and staying on my blogroll): Post or you're toast!

(By the way, for the curious, blogs that are registered with Blogrolling to be pinged will be preceded by an asterik if your blog has had an update in the last 2 hours on my blogroll. You can always tell which blogs are fresh here at 'Shouting')


Warren said...

Hey Shawna,

Just FYI, but the link within the post to This Savage Art... isn't pulling up the site for me. I'm getting an error message in blogger.

Shawna said...

I fixed the link, thanks!

moses said...

that little asterix deal is pretty darn neat.

Kira said...

Thanks for the Blogrolling tip, Shawna (v. cool feature!), and for the link. You're up on Fresh Hell now too.

Coincidentally, I just posted about the good-TV-shows-to-spec list you put up on The Artful Writer -- helpful stuff.

William said...


Thanks for the blogroll. I've been so busy I don't even know what day it is. Today's Saturday right?

Kid Sis said...

Meesa FRESH!

Thanks Shawna. Love the "Post or Your Toast."

Don't share that million dollar idea of yours with anyone!