Friday, July 01, 2005

Film Friday: End of June roundup

Another month is over, and you all know what that means -- time to look at all of the sequels, remakes and TV to big screen adaptations Hollywood has deemed suitable for rehashing. So, let's check out the deals this month, shall we? (Information courtesy of Done Deals.)

The Brazillian Job -- a followup to "The Italian Job" doesn't have any actors attached as yet. Based on the title, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say they leave Italy.

The Heartbreak Kid -- This is a remake of the 1972 film. This time the Farrelly Brothers will try to add some zany elements.

Piranha -- I've been waiting for this one to pop up. Finally, someone had the sense to remake the 1978 schlock classic. Scantily clad college students plus killer fish equals goldmine!

The Persuaders -- A remake of a 1971 British TV series to star Ben Stiller. What, they haven't gotten Owen Wilson signed up yet??

Swiss Family Robinson -- This one has been kicking around awhile at Disney, but there's a rewrite in the works. I'm sorry, but who could possibly take the place of Tommy Kirk??

Elf 2 -- Okay, so sequel to "Elf"...but so far, no Will Ferrell. Don't count on this one going ahead until they get the Elf himself signed on.

National Treasure 2 -- Obvious sequel, no idea if it will have the original cast, but I'd expect them to be looking for clues in the Statue of Liberty or something...

Underdog -- Live action. Kill me now.

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt -- Remake of Fritz Lang's 1956 film in which a reporter sets himself up to look like he committed a crime in order to prove that circumstantial evidence is dangerous. Yeah, because our court system doesn't have any other problems besides that...

Don't Look Now -- Remake of the 1973 film with Donald Sutherland. Don't know who will be in the new one, but expect it to keep the improvised sex scene. I'm sure it has been added to the script.

The Hitcher -- Remake of the 1986 film. Because there is no such thing as a horror movie that shouldn't be remade...apparently.

A Thousand Clowns -- Remake of the 1965 film about an out of work TV-writer who has to get a real job to keep his 12 year old nephew around. Whatever.

Be With You -- another creepy Japanese film remake (this one from 2004). Although, this one has romance in it and doesn't feature crazy ghost people coming out of walls, so it will probably be cool.

The Bourne Ultimatum -- More about Jason Bourne and based on the novel. Yay! Matt Damon won't sign on until he reads it...

The Untouchables: Capone Rising -- Prequel to "The Untouchables" based around how Al Capone got to where he was before being brought down.

Those are the remakes, sequels and TV adaptations for June. We'll see what Hollywood digs up in July!


Anonymous said...

?the brazilian job? - the only reason I watched the first one was because of Norton & he had to rewrite the thing just to make it not atrocious.

John Donald Carlucci said...

"The Brazillian Job" - Four women discuss their lives and loves while getting waxed. Think Sex in the City meets Sex in the City.

I'm actually looking forward to another Bourne film - the only real James Bond I've had in a long time.