Thursday, July 14, 2005

Emmy Nominations

The Emmy nominations were announced this morning. Here's the full list.

You have to scroll quite aways to get to the writing categories. I was thrilled to see that the "Three Stories" episode of House was nominated, as it was definitely my favorite of the season. Oddly enough, it was the one episode my instructor (who writes for the show) wasn't sure about...

Lost picked up two writing nominations. Yay for Terry O'Quinn and Naveen Andrews getting supporting actor noms!

Also note the sad state of sitcoms.

So, other reactions...?


TN_Dreamer said...

Yeah! My 3 fav actors on Desperate Housewives got noms. hope felicity wins.

cannot believe "the office" wasn't nominated. love that show.

but glad to see arrested dev noms. expecially in the writing category.

Anonymous said...

I can't take my eyes off Marcia Cross, I think she is the gluestick for that show...nice to see Denis Leary nominated as writer

Kira said...

Yay to Hugh Laurie, Ian McShane, and the DH trio.

No disagreement to the list overall, in the main. I'm disappointed but not surprised that Veronica Mars and Deadwood didn't get nominated.

Both are pretty new, VM in particular, and VM lives in that same uneasy teen dramedy realm as Buffy. Deadwood's, well, pretty Victorian and dipped into outright unintelligibility for a few eps, but the final episode this season was as good TV as I've seen in a while.

John Donald Carlucci said...

I'm not on there again?