Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Fire up the B movie engines!

This story (hat tip: Slashdot) discusses the revival of B movies on the Sci-fi Channel, which is investing about $21 million for 28 more films.

I helped write a short 'B' movie once for my sister's class. I think it's time to dust that puppy off and bring it back as a feature!


Fun Joel said...

Best line in that story:

"Shot on budgets ranging from $1 million to $2 million, Sci Fi's movies are made in money-saving locales like Bulgaria, Romania and Missouri."

Which of these things is not like the other? Heh heh.

kristen said...

Ayuh... I tried to send them one unagented, but it got sent back. So I can vouch for the been-there-done-that. Think inside the box on this one, as far as getting something read goes.

But if anyone reading has an agent who wouldn't mind submitting a completed B-movie to the Sci-Fi Channel FOR me...

Kira said...

These movies rock my socks. Exhibit A, from MANSQUITO (yes, I watched it. How can you not watch something called MANSQUITO?):

"He's... more mosquito than man by now..."

By the way, I love that the major networks like CBS are getting into the act. Where else but from SPRING BREAK SHARK ATTACK can we learn the valuable lesson that slipping roofies into a girl's drink is guaranteed to get you eaten by a shark within 120 minutes (minus commercials)?

Anonymous said...

yes, start dusting..I just read a report that tv writing jobs is way up versus movie jobs, so get more stuff submitted (so you can pick up the tab at the bar..(smiles))