Tuesday, July 12, 2005

It took a study to validate this?

A new study notes that at least 90% of DVR users skip the commercials.


I use my DVR many times for the sole purpose of skipping commericals. I'll start recording a show and turn it on about 16 minutes in so I can watch the whole thing without sitting through a single commercial.

Talk about a waste of money studying that phenomenon. Hey, guess what geniuses, 90% of web surfers hate pop up ads and ignore them or block them! You need to study that? Give me $100K and I'll prove it to ya with pretty charts and graphs and everything!!



Anonymous said...

That is hilarious! The same people determined that 99% of people eating in restaurants use utensils to eat with

moses said...

on a similar note i read a study today that people who use cell phones n their car are four times as likely to have an accident as those who don't. Go figure... wonder how much that one cost?