Monday, July 04, 2005

"House" Full Tilt Boogie

I've been researching diseases non-stop for two days. I always knew that writing a spec for a medical drama would be difficult, but it is draining.

I'm trying to bang out a decent outline to use for writing a spec in my current TV writing class. Since I've already written my "Lost" draft it seems an inefficient use of time to focus on that for the class. So, I'm starting anew.

"House" is a particularly difficult show. It is medical mystery and is mostly a procedural, but it focuses more on the lives of its characters than "C.S.I." but far less on their lives than say in "E.R." Trying to find how something could be misdiagnosed a couple of times isn't by itself difficult, just trying to pass the plausibility test that the doctors would miss it twice is tough. Writing a spec about someone who catches a cold but it turns out to be cancer probably wouldn't pass the plausibility test.

So, I'm going a little batty this weekend. Trying to keep it together, but I've already had some disturbing memory lapses this weekend, with my mind focused so hard on this task.

It also doesn't help that the new neighbor downstairs still hasn't finished his renovation and the contractors are working today, pounding and sawing away...


Anonymous said...

I finished reading the Lost (email coming tomorrow)

John Donald Carlucci said...

Good luck on House, I'm not even going to think about even trying to spec that one.


Kid Sis said...

House????? That's so ambitious!!!!

Does your new class start tonight? Wish we were in the same one.