Thursday, September 22, 2005


I just got home from the doctor's office. Yes, I'm on day 4 of this -- thing. Even she was surprised I wasn't better, prescribed me antibiotics and told me not to go to work until Monday (I even got a note!)

Good news, getting all of my TV watching in, here are my very very short reviews of new shows:

Bones: Writing isn't great, interesting characters but the holographics are a killer in my book. Could be cancelled by mid-season.

Head Cases: Horrible. Canceled. NEXT.

Kitchen Confidential: Some funny moments, love the cast, numbers were worrisome. I expect Fox to stick with it though because of the positive reviews.

How I Met Your Mother: Could have been better, but considering my lowered expectations for sitcoms, I expect this to live, unless the numbers take a nosedive, which I doubt they will.

Surface: Very disappointing (not that I had high hopes for it to begin with). Numbers were surprisingly high, I expect them to drop next week. Cancelled by mid-season.

Threshold: I loved it, so it will probably be cancelled. I can always hope not, but it's on Friday on CBS. Who is watching CBS (or any TV) on Friday??

Supernatural: Actually some spooky moments. Some bad dialogue, but the 2 episdoes so far have been intriguing and I do think it will keep its Gilmore Girls audience. It lives, at least until mid-season, if not longer.

Just Legal: I can't believe I tried to watch this. If it isn't cancelled in 6 weeks, put me out of my misery.

Prison Break: Week four and I'm still tuning in. Always a good sign, especially since I want to see them break out of the prison. After that, I expect the show is going to have to really step it up to keep people watching. After all, that's WHY we're watching this show.

Shows I haven't watched yet:

Invasion: I DVR'd it last night, so I'll check it out today.

Everybody Hates Chris: I've had the pilot DVD sitting on my coffee table for two weeks, but I haven't gotten around to watching it. The reviews are good, so I doubt it will matter what I think...the show has legs before even airing tonight.

My Name is Earl: This was in the worst time slot for me, as I was watching House and recording Supernatural. I'll have to check it out next week...somehow. Clearly the ratings for the premiere were good, so NBC has some hope.

The Apprentice/ Martha Stewart: I totally forgot this was on last night. I was too caught up in my desire to see Lost to pay it any mind. I'll be interested to see how the numbers are next week against normal ABC programming. If it improves, it lives. If not, Martha may not 'fit in' at NBC for more than one season.


CharlieDontSurf said...

Threshold is perfect to fit into the old X-Files friday night slot. The only problem is I doubt anyone knows its'd figure that type of show would be aon FOX..not CBS. I'd say it was by far the best pilot and if it keeps its weirdness and scaryness it should survive. I hear this weeks episode is quite good.

Warren said...

Just my two cents: I'm with you on Threshold. Saw it, loved it. So far it's the best of the new shows this season. I had high hopes for Invasion, but found the pilot last night a little disappointing. Shaun Cassidy is groovy, but I thought the writing was a little stilted. I'll give it a few more chances before I write it off though.

Everybody Hates Chris is good (not great, but solid). I think it might turn out to be the next Arrested Development, though - the critics adore it, but the numbers aren't so hot after the first few eps. It's smart writing, so I hope it catches on.

Anonymous said...

I did My Name Is Earl and it only made me grin once, perhaps twice... no guffawing so next week I am checking out the Geena Davis one in the same time slot

The Awful Writer said...

Agree with whl on Invasion. So so at best. I like Bones and hope it succeeds. It's not as good as House, but good enough for me. Better than Invasion. I haven't seen any of the other new shows yet. I don't watch as much broadcast TV as I used to. I mainly watch the Cartoon Channel with my daughter or A&E/Dicovery Channel/Court TV with my wife.

The Constipated Writer said...

Supernatural=Above Average
Prison Break=Good
Reunion-meh...second episode was much better, and the idea intrigues me

You're right about one thing(probably more), Head Cases=Gone!

porchwise said...

Martha Stewart, except for a cat fight between 7 woman and one exceptionally egotistic witch, I spent most of the hour looking to see if I could spot MS's ankle bracelet under her rather long pants.
Oh yeah, I nearly fell on the floor with laughter when the last thing MS did was write a 'thank you' note to the loser. Just not a guys show...