Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Tuesday has good news for everyone...except UPN

So, everybody gets a piece of the pie on Tuesday nights, and why not? The evening is chock-a-block with choices. Look at the 9PM time period:

ABC: Commander-in-Chief - got good premiere sampling. It will also benefit by House going on hiatus during baseball on Fox the next few weeks, enough time to establish an audience all its own. I already pegged this as a survivor, no matter how good or bad it is...well, if it was too horrible, it'd be a different story, but Rod Lurie's no dummy, even if I differ on his politics.
NBC: My Name is Earl / The Office - Earl lives, expect The Office to be replaced at midseason.
CBS: The Amazing Race (2 hr this week) - On an unrelated note, did you know NCIS is the #1 show at 8PM on Tuesdays?? Maybe I should actually watch this thing which is in its 3RD YEAR!
Fox: House - Had to settle for #2 this week.
WB: Supernatural - Marc and I agree. This is a solid pick up for the rest of the year.
UPN: Sex, Love & Secrets - I agree with Marc Berman, the results were so dismal, this sucker is CANCELLED within 2 weeks.

Poor Boston Legal -- it can't catch a break after Commander-in-Chief. Still, it's ratings aren't bad, so it will be fine. Do not weep for David E. Kelley.

Bones will live past baseball. Berman thinks it will take off after American Idol. If that's true, it might get picked up in spite of itself.

Berman does a great job running down the list of new series, and I have to say, he and I are of the same mind on most of the new shows. Read Marc Berman's Programming Insider here.


Joshua said...

The only political statement Lurie seemed to be making with Commander In Chief is that there is no reason a woman couldn't be President and that Islamic women who are raped should not be excuted. So how do you differ from his politics?

John Donald Carlucci said...

I am happy about Supernatural (a fav of mine that stands out over everything else new this year).

I'm still watching Surface, but the thing is starting to lose me. I was REALLY hoping for an Atlantian war type thing, but this thing seems to echo the cryptozoological hunt for giant squids. The big tooth in the pilot was pretty cool, but I hate th ET-like crap of the kid with the sea creature in his house. His zany antics keeping it secret from his family are really getting on my nerves.

Threshold is boring and I've taken it off the Tivo. I do like the short guy, cool poker player.

Sticking my fingers in my ears and pretending Kolchak doesn't exist.

NCIS has rocked from the very start. I hate they killed Kate off on the season ender, but having her ghost back for the two-parter was surprisingly touching and not hokey. Then again, the supernatural has always played a part in Bel's productions (right down to Magnum's sometimes psychic little voice to Mac's ghost appearing).

Chris Noth on Criminal Intent is working for me - I missed his character from the Law and Order verse for too long.