Monday, September 26, 2005

Blogroll updated

I've added a few sites to the blogroll. I've been meaning to add Bill Cunningham's DISC/ontent for ages and have finally gotten around to it. You should all be reading his blog without me linking to it anyway, but now the link is there.

Also welcome to Red Right Hand who linked to me long ago and I just realized it. I also added Scott the Reader's informative blog, Alligators in a Helicopter.

If you want your blog on the next month of updates, please drop me a line. I'll review it and so long as you post at fairly regular interval and discuss entertainment/screenwriting in some form, I'll add you to my reading list. There are just so many of you anymore!

And I'm leaving Diana in the blogroll, since she swears she's coming back...I've just moved her to the bottom until her triumphant return.

Oh, and for those of you who moved to the bottom of the list, consider yourselves on probation. Remember the motto around here: 'Post or you're toast'!


Bill Cunningham said...

Shawna, I thank you for the linkage, and will repay you in kind for your endorsement. I am sure we have seen each other at The Bourgeois Pig, but were both absorbed in our own worlds.

We're going to have to change that.

m said...

Thanks for the plug...and the 'what to spec'...damned helpful, that is.