Friday, September 16, 2005

My horses in the cancellation derby

Now, this is without seeing most of the new shows, but here is what I predict will not make the cut (and these are not in order...I fully expect UPN or WB to beat Fox to the punch in cancelling a show before 'Head Cases' gets the axe).

Head Cases
Just Legal (no way no how anyone will tune in for Don Johnson. Sorry Don).
Twins (no way no how anyone will tune in for Don Johnsons's ex. Sorry Melanie).
Fathom/Surface (whatever it's called this week)
Reunion (this was just horrible)
The Night Stalker
Ghost Whisperer
Out of Practice (yeah, I hadn't heard of it either)
Killer Instinct (thankfully, people will tire of gross crime stories, and hey, they can get that on CBS all week long!)
The War at Home

Wow, you're thinking. That's a lot of shows headed to the fall season graveyard. What does that leave standing at the end of the season (or at least until mid-season):

Criminal Minds
E-Ring (although, I'm on the fence on this one)
Hot Properties
Close to Home
How I Met Your Mother
My Name is Earl
Kitchen Confidential
Prison Break
The Apprentice: Martha Stewart
Three Wishes
Everybody Hates Chris
Love, Inc (yeah, but UPN has so little to work with)
Sex, Love and Secrets (again, I'm cutting UPN a break, just like they do with their shows...unless it places dead last)

See? You thought I was being harsh, but I'm giving more than 60% of the new shows a shot at survival. I think that sitcoms will do particularly well this year (even though there are some duds) and remember, this isn't based on me seeing all the shows or even on the quality of the shows. I base my predictions on strength of schedule, concept of show, ability to grow, stars attached, network involved and pure gut instinct.

I'll track my accuracy as the season progresses. If I'm wrong, I'll call it, but you heard it here folks...


Warren said...

Jeez, I had high hopes for a good new lawyer show this season, but I think they're all listed in your "to be cancelled" list.

I am really excited about Threshold tonight!

CharlieDontSurf said...

Threshold is pretty fucking cool.

Rick Brady said...

I assume you actually watched each of these shows? Wow... Where do you find the time?

Christian Johnson said...

I have to agree with you on Reunion. It was awful. Did these people live during the 80s? I watched it because it was on after the O.C. (which come to think of it is more 80s than Reunion...), and I thought it was horrible.

Could they have added another 80s song clip (not of any decent length mind you)? Since when were the tropes of the Breakfast Club inseperable friends?

Btw, I added you to my blogroll.