Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I'm guessing this happens more than we'd like to believe

This story details how a New Line exec tells a story about his friend and his friend's wife's 'boob job', suddenly it's the latest hot assignment in Hollywood.

And we wonder why we can't sell specs. With this kind of brilliance, how can we compete?


Anonymous said...

in my notebook of Ideas is a tome on a guy's involvement with a penile enhancing device (I am not kidding) but hey, it was an idea that flashed into my head one night so I jotted it down, who knows right?

The Constipated Writer said...

Good lord...I can just imagine this nitwit standing with his buddies by a keg clanking the cups together, saying "righteous!"

MQ-I have an idea about a guy who is too 'big' for his own good, or anyones good for that matter, and becomes a misfit...I call know what? I forgot the name...dammit!