Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Nielsens, we've got Nielsens...

Marc Berman consistently provides the earliest and best roundup of the previous night's Nielsens and what they mean. Last night, 'Surface' saw 3 million people disappear from its viewership and it fell to 3rd place. It no longer looks as strong as its opening might have led people to believe (which, I will gloat, I totally called last week). 'Out of Practice' on CBS also showed 3rd place in its time period when the rest of the sitcoms are 2nd against football. I'd say that show is a goner.

'Kitchen Confidential' continues to pull low numbers after 'Arrested Development'. I still think Fox will stick with it awhile longer as it seems to have critical buzz, but no viewership, just like its lead in show. 'Prison Break' will be renewed for next year. This is the only thing I am certain of at this point in the (very young) season. I'd still wait to spec it until we know what the heck is happening, and even then I'm not sure it will be a good spec show.

'How I Met My Mother' pulled numbers consistent with its premiere last week, so the news there is good so far.

Tonight, we'll see how well 'My Name is Earl' holds up from its premiere.


Anonymous said...

Do not spec Prison Break lol.

Shawna said...

You'd be amazed how many people would try to spec it.

"Hey, I have this idea for them breaking out of prison...he has this cool tattoo, see, and...oh, they did that? Nevermind."

Shawna said...

You know, just to follow up on my last comment -- with any show you choose to spec, be sure it is a show you WATCH.

There were people in my class who were going to try to spec shows they had NEVER WATCHED. Seriously. If that's the case, you want to spec a show you haven't watched. Watch it a lot before you start. Read the scripts. Over and over.

It sounds basic, but there are people who like to try to go around logic.

Bill Cunningham said...

What's interesting about Prison Break is that it doesn't have a firt act. It always goes right into the next plot point to get them out, then the complications arise, which aren't actually complications, but all part of the elaborate chinese puzzle box tattoo that makes up the show.

It's like the old Mission: Impossible Tv show - Jim Phelps and the IMF team come in at Act Two after the bad guy has done his work. It's an interesting (and elaborate) story structure that they've built.

I suppose the second season will be the two brothers on the run, trying to find out who was behind setting Lincoln up in the first place. Will it, can it be as tightly structured as it is now? Who knows?

But I'll be there watching...

CharlieDontSurf said...

The second season will be more like 24. It supposedly will involve all the characters who break out in little splinter stories. I'm sure Michael/Licoln will be on the run or have to save someone...Tunney etc.
This is also why they keep adding people to the breakout..the more people who bust out, the more stories to tell. The best example is the Great Escape...1/2 the movie is the break out and the other half is how all the people are on the run.

The only question is the title...Prison Break.

I would never spec this show unless you have the most amazing and stand alone epiosde ever. You have no idea what the characters are going to do each weak and we still don't even really know them. The only shows you might want to spec during a first season run, it would be best to not spec any one year series, are procedurals.
Criminal Minds would be a good example...but I'd still wait till at least 1/2 thru the season.